Accept Facebook Changes and Adapt to Them

by Emmon Scott  |  August 21, 2016Seesaw, Scotland, Accept Facebook changes

Summary: Facebook changes are inevitable and happen regularly, so make the effort to understand them and then alter you approach to take advantage of them.

“Change alone is unchanging.”
— Heraclitus

“The same — the same — the same…”
— Moby Dick

My wife makes a mean beef barley soup. She knows the right beef to use, how to sizzle it in olive oil with chopped onions, celery, and garlic. She knows how much broth and wine to add. It’s a home run every time.

If only Facebook were like that! Reliable. Safe. Something you could count on to always deliver the same way on a predictable schedule.

But Facebook changes from time to time. For promoting and managing your business, it requires resolve and an ongoing Thomas Edison-like test and learn approach. To us, that means we have to keep trying things to see what works best.

We notice a Facebook change every month or so. Sometimes the changes alter the data we can see. Sometimes they force us to adjust our workflow. And every few months they rock our results and challenge our way of doing things.

Dealing With Facebook Changes

It can get scary when a metric, like how many people you’re reaching each month, suddenly drops for no apparent reason.

When the next change comes (and it will) there are two ways to deal with it:

1. Bow out — We’ve seen owners and execs do this, going from touting Facebook as a marketing miracle to calling it a fraud. I understand their reaction. “Change,” as Billy Crystal said, “is such hard work.”

2. Look for the upside — When Facebook makes a change that impacts our work, we take a breath and set out to discover what’s going on. Once we figure it out, we look for an opening, an upside.

Finding an upside reminds me of a seesaw. Hence the picture above. When one side goes down, the other goes up. On Facebook, you need to find a side that’s going up and climb aboard.

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So, to keep Facebook delivering for your business, you need patience and at times some steady nerves. Again, channel the Thomas Edison test and learn approach. If you do, Facebook’s powerful marketing tools will keep on delivering for you in ways no other social media can.

And if you’re feeling anxious, stop and take a breath. You’re still going to get that bowl of delicious soup; it might just be a different flavor.

Beef barley soup, accept Facebook changes and adapt