Keep it Simple: Build a Business Website Using WordPress

by Emmon Scott  |  August 03, 2016build a business website using Wordpress, businessman looking out city window

Summary: When you build a business website, don’t get lost in a sea of choices: keep things simple by using WordPress. It’s a website system that’s popular, reliable and effective at getting online visitors to business websites from Google.

“It’s the swing, not the gear.”
— Golf professional Mike Austin

Early in my career, I was newspaper reporter for the Santa Maria Times (in California) and I not only wrote stories but also took photos. The head of photography told me he liked my photos, and I began selling shots to the Associated Press. Some companies hired me to take photos as well. In all of this, I never fussed about cameras. I used what my boss handed me, a popular and affordable camera of its day — the Pentax K1000.

Looking back, I realize the K1000 was a workhorse because it took good shots, didn’t cause problems and could handle some hard knocks. Once I rolled my car in a highway accident on my way back from a story, and both the camera and I were unhurt.

When it comes to creating your business website, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of choices over which website system to use. How do you decide when there’s so much advice about what system is best? Squarespace or Wix? Drupal or Joomla? Magento or Shopify? It reminds me of people who can’t decide what camera to buy.

Pentax K1000, Business Website, Using WordPress

Reasons for Using WordPress

If you’re creating or redoing a business website, your end goal is growing long-term sales, so keep things simple. Choose WordPress and don’t look back. It’s not only the most popular website system; it’s also affordable, reliable, and vetted. Businesses using it range from Zingerman’s to Coca-Cola to Microsoft.

Web advice: Get HTTPS for more website security

Here are four reasons for using WordPress to make your business website:

1) You can do whatever you want on your website.
2) You or a staff member can learn to use and operate it.
3) When you want help, there’s a large pool of programmers.
4) You can get people coming to your site from Google – something your business website needs. While there are a few things you need to do to make this happen, this is an area in which WordPress excels.