Don’t Waste Money on Facebook Page Likes

by Emmon Scott  |  July 20, 2016wasting money, burning money, Facebook page likes, Facebook fans

Summary: Facebook page likes are no longer useful in promoting your business, so focus on promoting to your target audience instead.

“Close the door on the past.”
— Johnny Cash

I loved Borders Books. There were two stores between my office and home and I liked both. One was my go-to place for gifts, and I remember the smiling women near the door who’d wrap presents in December. I loved browsing the music section, the magazines, and the children’s area when our kids were young.

But Borders is gone, hit by a steamroller called Amazon. So are are record stores, CDs, VCRs, maps, phone books, and personal privacy.

And if you’re a business trying to use Facebook to grow, know that the value of having fans (now called page likes) is gone too.

How many followers you have on your Facebook business page is irrelevant to growing your business.

Why Facebook Page Likes are Worthless

It wasn’t always that way. A few years ago, business page likes meant a lot. You could build a fan base, post things, and people would see and comment. It was exciting and a great marketing tool.

Then Facebook made a change, something they now do every month or so. Suddenly far fewer fans were seeing business posts. The cost of gaining new fans dropped, but the cost of promoting to them skyrocketed.

That week, the value of Facebook page likes died and new ways of capitalizing on the platform were born.

Facebook tips: Accept Facebook changes and adapt to them

Judging from articles still being written (“15 Free Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes”), some people are living in the past. Don’t be one of them.

So forget about Facebook page likes. There’s no way to know which of those people are likely to be customers. What you have to do now is promote to your target audience instead.

Page likes have become the equivalent of a fancy-looking hood ornament. They may be real or fake. They may impress a few people, and they do nothing to grow your business.

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