Get HTTPS For More Business Website Security

by Emmon Scott  |  September 07, 2016businessman at computer, get https for website security

Summary: Get HTTPS so your website URL begins those five letters. HTTPS gives your business more website security and brings you more visitors from Google.

“An old error is always more popular than a new truth.”
— German Proverb

In the 1999 comedy “Office Space” three frustrated IT workers plot revenge on the nightmare corporation that employs them but make a mistake. They program the company computer to round every transaction down to the nearest penny and drop the remainder in their checking account. But within just a few days their account collects $300,000 and they know they company will catch them. The reason? They put the decimal point in the wrong spot.

If you’re running a business website, there’s a detail as small as that decimal point you should know about. Techie folks generally know, but few business managers and owners do. It involves the letter “s.”

Your website has a domain name or URL, and when you visit your website, you’ll see your URL at the top of your phone or computer screen. If you own Little Caesars or run their website, you’ll see “” preceded by this: https://. Note the underlined “s“. It’s important you have it.

Why get HTTPS?

Get HTTPS for website security

Now let’s say you run the website for the imaginary Smith Street Music Theatre so your website is “” If your website is preceded only by http://, you have a problem.

The “s” means secure, as in more website security. If you get HTTPS, you’ll help prevent hackers from sealing sensitive information from your website. But if all you have is HTTP, your website is at risk.

Google knows this. Get HTTPS, and Google will rank you higher. But if you have HTTP Google will view your site as not secure, and you’ll pay a price by getting fewer visitors from Google to your website. Google will list your “non-secure” website further down in the search results. For example, instead of showing up on the first page of Google search results, your website may be on page 2, 10, or 30. The further down it’s listed, the fewer people see it, visit your site, and buy what you’re offering.

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So get your website properly set up with HTTPS.

ps: By “properly” I mean (among other things) avoiding the blunder of having duplicate websites. This problem can plague business websites (we’ll discuss it in a future blog post).