Use Good Google Keywords – Words People Actually Search For

by Emmon Scott  |  October 06, 2016man searching, google-keyword-search-term

Summary: Use good Google keywords to get customers to your website: find words they search on Google for your product or service and code them into your web pages.

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.”
— Socrates

Years ago, I was working in the kitchen textiles division of a manufacturing company and my boss asked me to design new restaurant serving aprons. I was petrified. As a teenager, I’d been a busboy but I’d never been a waiter, so I had no idea what to do.

Eventually, I began driving to restaurants, asking waitresses and waiters what they wanted in a serving apron. They had opinions and I took notes. After listening to several hundred people, I knew what they wanted most and designed new aprons, which sold very well. Giving people what they want tends to work.

To make your website a success, you need to get inside the heads of the people your business serves. And that means using Google keywords — the words people type in the Google search bar. (Web marketers often call them search terms.)

The Power of Google Keywords

When you hear people discuss Google keywords, search terms or SEO keywords, they mean finding out words customers are searching on Google and coding those words into a business website. If people on are searching for “car,” don’t call it an “automobile.”

Even a small detail — a single space — can make a giant difference in search terms. If you’re selling coffee cake online, ask yourself a question: How do people search for that on Google?

A. Coffeecake
B. Coffee Cake

It turns out people in the U.S. search for one of these words a LOT more than the other. They type “Coffeecake” about 50 times per month. They type “Coffee Cake” over 20,000 times per month. What’s more, businesses haven’t noticed. There’s more competition for Google ads about “Coffeecake,” even though people rarely search for it.

Web advice: Get Google traffic (people using Google) to your website

So pay attention to Google keywords. Look for popular search terms, words people are searching for on Google, and especially those which your competitors are ignoring. Code them into your web pages and write them into your copy.

Then add some patience. It can take six months or more for Google to process and begin delivering the impact. Within a year, all things being equal, people will be heading from Google’s search bar to your website before your competitors’.