Facebook Marketing Tip: Keep Facebook Videos Short

by Emmon Scott  |  December 21, 2016mobile phone, clock, keep Facebook videos short

Summary: To create Facebook videos that successfully promote your business, the first rule is keep them short.

“This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.”
— Winston Churchill

I used to design professional kitchen textiles (aprons, oven mitts, etc.) and market them at trade shows. What I learned was that as people walked by my booths, the time I had to get their attention was less than two seconds. If I got their attention, I had 10 seconds to keep it.

So I put on a show. I created a carnival gallery, giving passers-by three chances to hit a target with Nerf darts. If they hit it, they won one of the huge flame-embossed inflatable hammers hanging above me.

It worked. I drew crowds so large they’d blocked the aisle. Within four years, our sales leaped up and we dominated our niche, forcing our competitor out of business.

Facebook is like a trade show — crammed with distractions. If you want to get the attention of your target audience as they scroll on their iPhones and Androids, you don’t have much time.

The best way by far to get attention on Facebook is with video. However, there are some essential “tricks” you need to know to succeed. ┬áThe most important? When creating a Facebook video, keep it short.

Why Should Facebook Videos Be Short?

Facebook isn’t the place for TV ads or YouTube videos. Facebook users aren’t shopping or looking for tutorials. They’re connecting with friends and families.

In videos we create for our Facebook clients, we’ve found shorter is better. We reach more people and get them watching longer at a lower promotional cost by being brief.

Facebook marketing tip: Make Facebook video emotional and relatable

For one of our automotive clients, we created an eleven-second Facebook video that drew an audience of two million. The promotion cost was just $300.

The reason? Facebook’s campaign system rewards attention-grabbing videos, so the more people watch and comment, the less you pay.

We’ve also found that that a “tipping point” of videos is 100,000 views. If your video reaches that number, it has a strong potential of going viral. Crowds attract crowds.

There are other rules for successful Facebook videos, but the #1 rule is to keep them short!