Zingerman’s has terrific baking classes but they wanted more website traffic.

We love Zingerman’s sandwiches, bread, and coffee cake (as well as their business principles), so we were delighted to work with them and eager to help them find more website visitors find their bake classes pages.

We researched over a thousand SEO keywords both in Michigan (where Zingerman’s is located) and nationally, and recommended about a dozen, especially replacing “bake classes” with “baking classes” — a hugely popular search term for folks interested in learning their way around the oven.


  • Before the research, Zingerman’s baking classes web page ranked #17 on Google for “baking classes”.
  • Nine months later, the page ranked #2.
  • Today, a year later, they rank #1 and traffic versus same period last year is up 53% with an increase in sales as well.